Who Makes the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

Who Makes the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps
One curious side effect of the covid-19 epidemic has been an increase in people learning a musical instrument. Many of us found that we had more time and decided to learn the guitar the way we always wanted to.

This article is for you if you are new to playing the guitar and want to improve your skills. Acoustic guitar amps are not something you might immediately associate with, since amps are often associated with electric guitars.

Your acoustic will need to be amplified if you plan on playing in public or on stage. Also, we recommend this Crunch Review article about headphones for amps. You may not want everyone to hear you when you practice at home so headphones can be a great addition to any kit. Who makes the best acoustic amps? Let’s discuss a few of our favorite makers.

Top Guitar Amp Makers

Although the market for guitar amps can be large, it is dominated mainly by a few brands with loyal customers. Few markets have such strong brand loyalty like the guitar and amp market.

What are the top acoustic amp manufacturers? Quality is key to this, since it is the driving force behind guitar sales and amp sales. Let’s begin with Marshall, one of the most well-known amp manufacturers.


Marshall is one of the most well-known amp manufacturers . It has a loyal following and a long history of producing high quality equipment. Marshall, a British company, is well-known for making amps that are simple to use, reliable, versatile, and long-lasting.

Marshall amps are powerful and rugged – the wall of cabinets behind your favorite band is likely to be Marshall-powered – they also offer a wide range of products including affordable, high-quality practice amps.


The Orange brand is a British icon that has established Britain as the country for quality amps. It is often overlooked, but it is a well-known amplifier brand. In the 1960s, Orange amps were as popular as Marshall amps.

Orange still makes a wide range of amps that appeal to high-end metal bands. Vintage Orange amps are becoming increasingly rare and collectible.


Fender is a world-leading manufacturer of guitars and an amplifier manufacturer. It remains popular with Fender loyalists.

Fender amps are more popular than Marshall’s stacks. They offer a wide range of amps that can be used for solo practice or solo use as well as powerful amps that can be used in hard rock settings.

Fender amps are loved by players of all types of guitar music, perhaps more than any other manufacturer. Belfield Music also offers the best selection Fender Telecaster.


You couldn’t find a rock band in the 1990’s without a Mesa/Boogie amplifier. These amps, made by a Californian company, are well-known for their aggressive and powerful sound and still have a loyal following. Mesa/Boogie amps can be used for blues, rock and jazz, as well as some excellent practice amps.


Vox amps are a classic rock sound from Britain. The brand was established in the UK during the 1960s. It became very popular in America when the Rolling Stones and Beatles broke America with Vox amps.

The AC30 is one of the most iconic amps in rock and it’s still being made today. The classic Vox sound can be heard in Brian May’s 70’s recordings by Queen.


Finally, Peavey. A reliable brand that has been a mainstay for many a guitarist for decades, it is also a brand that is often overlooked but is very popular among virtuoso musicians.

You can also find a range of amps that are less powerful, but still have the same quality. These amps are great for practicing and are well worth looking into if you’re searching for the perfect sound.

These aren’t all the acoustic amplifier manufacturers. However, they are some of the most famous and legendary.

We hope that we have helped you to find the right amp for you. Don’t forget the headphones to use with guitar amps while you shop so you don’t bother your neighbors.

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