What is Data Capture?

What is Data Capture?
You may not have known that data capture was done manually up until just a few years ago. It is common to use data capture software which eliminates the need to write everything down on paper. In certain industries, manual processes are still used. What is data capture? 

What is data capture? It’s the act of gathering important data and having it stored in a secure location. In some industries, like the medical industry, data capture is used to document patient information. 

These medical records are then stored in large databases that can be accessed by medical professionals. Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to store and collect data digitally. Let’s take a closer look at data capture.

What is it?

Data capture The practice of collecting vital information electronically or in paper forms is called data capture . These data can be used for various purposes, including in clinical trials or for customers.

This is where most organizations start their information management journey. You can think of it as if you are visiting a new doctor. Therefore, you will need to fill out a form with all relevant information.

You will need to include personal information, such as your address and cell phone number, along with any medical information, such as allergies or penicillin into the form.

Digital solutions have dramatically reduced the time it takes to collect data. It is now easier to store the data in a cloud-based storage, easier to protect and easier for users to access (only authorized persons will have access).

What is the process?

Once a patient or customer completes a form, businesses and organizations will begin the data collection process. The form must be designed in a certain way. This includes items like tick boxes and selecting an option.

Because of the way data is extracted, it must be set up in a specific manner. It is important to have accurate data. This will allow you to spend less time searching for what you are looking for.

Digital methods make it so much easier because you can search with specific keywords and phrases.

You can also use multiple tools today to help you organize your workflows and facilitate the movement of data. These tools are designed to simplify the data capture process and make it fast, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Methods available

There are many options, but you must understand that each type of industry or business will have its own method. There are many data capture options available.

You can learn more about what is to come in data capture online. In the meantime, these are the most popular data capture methods today.


 A form is captured and stored in a spreadsheet or computer to allow for digital access. This is a good option for small businesses that have fewer data points. This method is susceptible to human error, such as incorrectly entering data, which could lead to inaccurate results.


 This is the one that does everything for you. All data is digitally recorded and stored for easy access. This is a great way to store large quantities of data for businesses and corporations.

There are three types of data capture available: optical character recognition for healthcare, intelligent character recognition for banks and finance, as well as intelligent document recognition for invoicing and customer service.

QR codes and Barcodes

barcodes offer security and are used mainly on shop floors for inventory. QR codes can be used to capture web pages and documents. They are most commonly used in shops and advertising.

This is done via a mobile or web application. This makes it easy to customize and eliminates the need to keep a paper-based record. It’s easy to access the data online and it can be securely stored instantly.

Video and Images

This one is the most advanced on the list, as it requires artificial intelligence. AI is used for identifying and extracting information about individuals. It is used to monitor, secure, and match databases in real time.

Honorable mentions

Smart Cards

Used to identify.

Voice capture

Speech Recognition Technology to process data.

Recognition of magnetic ink characters: 

Used in banks

Magnetic stripe Cards

Used for bank cards, hotel keys, and so on.

Web scraping

Website bots can be used to search for certain data online. Use Digital signatures to authorise digital approvals

Optical Mark Reading

An electronic way to identify human-filled data.

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