Top 5 Apps for Everyday Positivity

Top 5 Apps for Everyday Positivity
Since 2020, each of us have been on an exciting ride. Statista reports that COVID-19 has already claimed more than 2.6 million lives and forced at least 20% of the world to go into lockdown in the past year.

Many of us are suffering from anxiety and stress as the pandemic continues its devastating effects on our lives. The uncertain future is always a worry. We need to be able to see the silver lining in these times. It might be possible to see the light at end of the tunnel.

Apps can be very useful in this area – provided you choose the right one. App usage has increased dramatically since 2020.

App Annie reports that app downloads rose to 218 billion in 2020. The time spent on apps grew by 20% to four hours and ten seconds. To increase your daily positivity, you can incorporate the relaxing and fun apps into your life.

1. Live Happy

Live Happy is a positive app that many people have already heard about. For many years, this app has been a favorite choice. This app uses concrete positive psychology findings to help you feel more optimistic.

The app is not designed to provide short-term relief. Instead, it aims to encourage life-affirming behaviors through various activities. The app divides features according to the positive emotions it invokes.

These feelings include those of savoring, thanking, hope, social, and explore. While’savor’ prompts users to create an album of happy memories, “strive” requires you to set goals for different aspects of your life, prioritizing them, and then achieving them.

This app is not available for iPhone users, and it is much more expensive than the average iPhone app.

2. Big Barn World

We have included a farming app in our list of apps that can bring you daily positivity. A multiplayer social game is the perfect way to stay connected in today’s isolated world. This airG scam-free app does exactly that.

Although you may not be able meet up with your family members as often as you used to, you can still show them your virtual farming skills. Farming games are a fun social activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

They don’t require you to make quick decisions in order to get the best results. Instead, you can take your time choosing the plants you want to plant and then watch them get ready for harvesting.

It is virtual but it restores a sense responsibility between players. Let’s face the facts, no one wants their crops to die because they neglected them. These games can help you forget about the problems in your life and provide relief.

3. Pozify

Many people would agree that it is depressing to have a bad day, then switch on the TV or log onto social media to see some terrible news. The media loves to report bad news, because it creates a more appealing headline.

According to PNAS, the rate at which negative content grabs attention has increased by 28 percent in 2019, according to PNAS. The American Psychological Association found that 56 percent of regular news-watchers consider the exercise depressing and stressful in a 2017 survey.

Pozify is a social networking platform that aims to combat this. This social networking platform encourages positive news sharing and rewards people who share it.

The app developers give users POINTS to be rewarded with. These POINTS can be used to buy products or gift cards. You can also donate a portion of your rewards to charity, which will make you feel amazing!

4. Reachout Breathe

Anxiety disorders are on the rise. According to the World Health Organization, one in thirteen people suffers from anxiety. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADA), such disorders affect more than 40 million adults in the United States.

Although it is best to seek professional help for your mental health, there are some apps that can help you manage panic attacks and anxiety. ReachOut Breathe is one such app.

The app teaches users how to control their breathing to alleviate anxiety, stress, panic attacks and other symptoms. This app provides visual guidance to users on managing their breathing.

This app allows you to personalize the experience according to your needs. You can adjust the time and the intervals of your breathing to match your abilities. You can adjust the app as you master controlled breathing.

The app also monitors users’ heart rates before and during deep breathing sessions to help track their effectiveness.

5. The Gratitude Journal

A positive outlook is possible only by regular introspection. Experts have found a positive correlation between mental peace and writing journals.

Maintaining a journal can be a time-consuming task for many. There are many apps that simplify the functions of a journal and offer similar benefits.

The Gratitude Journal, for example, allows you to record five things that you are grateful every day. This bulleted list is easier to keep than a detailed diary. You can add photos to your bulleted list and secure it with a password.

You will be more aware of your blessings, and thus happier than ever before. You can go back to the journal during your darkest days and be grateful for the things that you have.

Ending remarks

These five apps provide the perfect environment to maintain a positive outlook on life. It all boils down to your perception and processing of the world.

Stress and anxiety are normal parts of your life. It is important to not let stress and anxiety overshadow the positive things in your life. Relax and take your time. This is possible!

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