The Best Portable Gaming Consoles

The Best Portable Gaming Consoles
Portable consoles were once the dominant technology in the gaming industry. They allowed gamers to play their games anywhere they wanted. But smartphones have changed the landscape. 

Although only 20% of Americans owned a smartphone in 2009 (and that was just 20%), they now account for more than three quarters of the American population.

The popularity of mobile games such as Angry Birds and Pokemon Go! has been facilitated by the Android app design agency. The mobile gaming device can be used as both a portable system and a phone.

Despite this, there have been many amazing portable consoles in the past, and the Nintendo 3DS is still very popular, with a lifetime sales of more than 70 million. These consoles are among the most influential and interesting portable gaming consoles.

PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a popular gaming console. The Vita’s sales were not even 25% as high as the 3DS, and new games were slowing coming out before Sony stopped making physical copies.

The Vita had many unique and intuitive features, such as the OLED screen and rear touchpad. The Vita was released in 2013 but it faced a difficult battle when Androids and iPhones started to flood the market.

The few Vita owners were able to enjoy games from well-known series such as Persona, Borderlands and Uncharted, along with lesser-known titles like Tearaway and Gravity Rush.

Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

Although the 3DS is now very popular, the original 3DS was still the most well-received portable console. It had a game collection that rivaled many of the traditional consoles.

The 3DS offered versions of classic Nintendo games such as Zelda (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks) and Mario (New Super Mario Bros.). DS owners also had access to unique experiences like The World Ends With You and Elite Beat Agents.

Despite having lower overall sales, the 3DS is still as impressive as its predecessor. It was forced to compete with a stronger mobile gaming market. Despite all the competition, it has been a success and offers games for every genre and for all gamers.

Although the Nintendo Switch is now available, it includes many features that were previously only found on portable consoles. However, Nintendo could still make a successor to its 3DS.

Although portable gaming is being threatened by mobile gaming, it isn’t going away. Sony and Nintendo both explored the potential of portable consoles, and showed that there are many features, games and possibilities that can be enjoyed on a dedicated gaming console, that aren’t possible on smartphones.

Despite this, mobile games are gaining more market share each year. Although smartphones have made the future of the industry look grim, new systems could be added to the list if Sony, Nintendo or a newcomer release a portable console.

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