Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television
Finding the perfect TV for you is the first step to improving your viewing experience. But, it’s not enough. Properly installing your new TV is also important. 

It is easy to get into a few traps when mounting your TV. This can cause serious problems later on. You don’t need the time or the energy to set up your TV by yourself.

A professional TV installer can help you. We’ll cover some of the most common mistakes when installing a TV. Most likely, you’re eager to relax and enjoy your family’s favorite toy. Let’s get to it!

1. Don’t think things Through

Let’s get this out of the way: you must have a plan when installing a new television. You risk your expensive, thousands-dollar TV falling on the ground, or worse, being placed in a way that hinders your viewing experience. You need to be clear about what you will do before mounting your TV.

You are likely to follow your instincts and open the box, throw out the instructions guide, and get started setting up your new gadget right away. A TV is a long-term investment.

So while you might be able to save time by not having a plan, or even thinking through everything, it could end up costing you more in the future.

2. The Wrong Placement

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television
Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television

It’s obvious that you will be paying attention to how your new TV looks in its environment. But that’s not all that you should pay attention to when installing your TV. A poorly placed TV can ruin your viewing experience.

Once you mount a television, it is pretty much fixed at its location. You will soon get frustrated if you forget to consider factors such as light and power outlets, viewing angles, and the location of your nearest power outlet.

Your neck will hurt if you hang the TV too high. Neglect the sun exposure and you will see glints as well as a washed out picture.

These are important to test before mounting your TV. It is a good rule of thumb to position your TV’s center at eye level, so that you can see it when you are not using it.

3. You fail to consider the load your walls can Bear

Modern flat-screen TVs today are lighter than their predecessors. This is not something you can just wing it and hope everything goes well. Regular drywalls are not designed to support the weight of a television.

To ensure that your mount is securely attached to the wall, you can either use a wall made of something more substantial or make sure it hits a stud.

Some TVs can be over 100 pounds depending on their size. If you don’t locate the right spot and find a stud that can hold that weight, your new toy could end up on the ground broken in pieces.

4. Mounting the TV above Your Fireplace

It might seem tempting to hang your TV high above a fireplace, but it isn’t a wise idea. You will find it difficult to view the TV comfortably and you will be straining your neck.

You don’t want the heat to damage your screen. Although it might look beautiful to combine these focal elements, it is best to keep it safe.

5. The Wrong Wall Mount

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television
Six Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up a New Television

Televisions can come in many sizes and shapes today. They can weigh as much as 60 pounds to more than 100 pounds. This can have a significant impact on the mounts that you choose. Wall mounts can only be used to support as much weight.

Another important consideration is to make sure the mount can support the TV you have chosen. Quality is also important. You want a mount that will hold your flat-screen TV up for many years and be visually minimal.

6. Default Picture Settings

The default picture settings will be set when you purchase a TV. The lighting conditions in your home, your preferences, and your personal preferences will all affect how it adapts to your viewing environment. Are the settings optimized?

It doesn’t cost a lot to improve the picture quality of your TV. All you need is some basic adjustments and custom-calibrating.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, colors and sharpness according to your preference. These are some tips that will help you create the perfect home theater experience.

  • Too much sharpness can exaggerate lines and contours instead of giving you a clear view.
  • Too much saturation can wash out the colors of the image.
  • Too much backlight can strain the eyes. If the contrast is too low it could flatten the scene.
  • To make your day more enjoyable, turn off unnecessary picture features like the ones for live sports or gaming.

Take Care of Your TV Installation: Enjoy the Best Viewing Experience

In today’s fast-paced world of television, it is a popular way to relax after a hard day.

You can feel confident that your new TV will work flawlessly by avoiding common mistakes in TV mounting and following these tips. It will be a great experience that you will cherish for many years.

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