Jio Gaming Controller- Know Everything About It Here

Jio Gaming Controller- Know Everything About It Here
Jio recently announced a new gaming controller on the Indian market that focuses on ergonomics. It can also be used with India’s own gaming platform, Jio Games. Here’s a detailed article if you’re thinking of buying one. This article will not only cover the Jio Gaming Controller, but also provide a comparison with other controllers on the market. Don’t waste any time. Read on.

Jio Gaming Controller- Know everything about it here

The Jio Controller Bluetooth-based wireless device is compatible with many devices, including your tablets and androids. Its wireless feature allows for a smooth, lag-free experience with a range of up to 10 meters.

It can be set up by Jio and configured with your mobile device. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 for establishing a connection with the host. It is slim and lightweight at up to 200g. The monochrome matte black version is also available.

The auto-connect feature allows you to connect the devices and it will remember them for future use. To pair the first device, press the Select’ button and the Start’ button together. It will then identify the available devices in 5 seconds.

The controller can be used for up to 8 hours before a full charge is needed. The charging process usually takes around an hour. The blinking LED light is one of the indicators for battery status.

The blinking LED light can be used to determine the battery level. A fast blink means low battery and a slow blink means full charge. It is recommended that you read the manual and guide along with the box.

The controller currently supports seven games, but there may be more. Other details include a 6-month warranty and simultaneous use of the Jio remote controller.

The 20-button controller is also very exciting. It has action and direction buttons, two sticks, shoulder keys and other function keys that allow you to return to the home screen, start, stop, or return to the previous screen. Although it sounds fascinating, crowding can make it difficult to use.

The price of this gaming controller from Jio is 3499. It was originally priced at 4499. You can get EMI options starting at 200 Indian rupees per monthly. You can currently only purchase it from the Jio official website with credit card

Standard delivery will take between 3-5 days. The well-known controllers can be found on most e-commerce platforms, but Jio is only available through the Jio Store.

This is a plus since some e-commerce sites might attempt to sell low-quality duplicated products. With the help of an invoice, one can track the shipment at the Jio official store after placing the order.

Let’s now compare the configurations of this controller to other players in the gaming market.

Comparison of features of Jio Gaming controller with other brands on the market

There are many reputable brands that compete with the Jio Gaming controller, including Samsung, Xbox and Sony PS5.

Let’s compare the Jio Gaming Controller to other names that we are aware of.


If price and budget are important, Jio may be a little more expensive than other, but enduring, names. It is still significantly less expensive than products from well-known gaming companies. The Bluetooth-enabled wireless is half the price of Jio’s.


While some brands integrate seamlessly across devices, but offer little hassle operations, the Jio gaming console leads because of its ease of connectivity, even though there are only a few games available.

Other physical attributes and battery

Jio is a strong competitor, offering almost the same or even more in terms of battery life and other attributes. It’s lightweight and sleek, has a great grip and is ergonomically designed with trigger buttons and controls. It is also comparable to other controllers in terms of the battery feature.

The conclusion

We have seen the features and claimed lag-free play with the Jio controller, but the real experience may be different. They have attempted to copy other brands players, but it might not be as easy for gamers who are looking for affordable gaming gear.

There is still a lot to be done. We believe that Jio’s innovation and venture into the gaming sector will lead to a revolution.

We may also see Jio add more games to its gaming platform and have greater device compatibility. If you are a beginner or intermediate gamer and want to purchase one, the Jio gaming console is the right choice.

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