How do connect TikiTunes to iPhone?

How do connect TikiTunes to iPhone?
For better relaxation, we like to spend our vacation outdoors. Music is essential during an outing and should have more refreshing emotions. This can be fulfilled by a Bluetooth speaker. 

An amazing Bluetooth speaker is much more than just a speaker. TikiTunes is the magical Bluetooth speaker. TikiTunes, a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a hurricane lamp, makes outdoor settings more charming thanks to its flickering tiki torch.

It enhances the night’s ambience and makes it more enjoyable. It is compatible with all smartphones. This article will show you how to connect TikiTunes with your iPhone.

How do I connect TikiTunes with my iPhone?

TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker is one of the most innovative and simple to use. You can pair two TikiTunes together to cover large areas with the stereo sound.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to pair the TikiTunes with Android phones. This article will show how you can connect TikiTunes with iPhone. These are the steps to follow:

Turn on TikiTunes

Turn on the TikiTunes by pressing the power button. Charge it 100% before you use it. To charge the 2000 mAH battery, it takes 2.5 hours. It can be controlled from your iPhone without the need of any apps.

The flickering ambient light can be turned on and off as many times you like. The flickering light creates a charming and enjoyable atmosphere at night. Music can be enjoyed without the use of light.

Connect to Your iPhone

Open the Settings option on your iPhone to turn on Bluetooth. The TikiTunes Bluetooth network will be displayed. Press the name to pair.

Once it has successfully paired, you can place it anywhere you like to listen to music. The advanced Bluetooth technology allows it to be connected from far away.

Dual Connectivity

To increase the coverage, you can connect two TikiTunes speakers. Pair the Tikitunes by placing them on the same table. Turn on both Bluetooth speakers.

After the speakers flash, press the power button on the Tikitunes. You can repeat the process for other Tikitunes speakers. Enjoy unlimited music and fun from your paired iPhone.

TikiTunes has Special Features and Benefits

TikiTunes has a variety of benefits and features that make it more popular than other options.

Excellent sound quality

Tikitunes features a stereo speaker with a punchy bass that produces high-quality sound. You can listen to music for hours. It provides clear sound for everyone to hear the music in an open space.

TikiTunes speaker pairing

To extend coverage, you can pair two Tikitunes speakers. To spread the music over a large area, pair them by placing them side-by-side. This feature allows you enjoy the same song in multiple rooms.

Tiki torch lamp

The most striking feature of the Tikitunes’s Tikitunes is the yellow LED flickering light. It creates a magical atmosphere at night, something we can almost see in the DJ shows. Your parties and outings will be more fun when the light changes according to the music.

TikiTunes’ 2000 mAh battery provides 6-10 hours of music playtime. You can charge it with a USB cable in 2.5 hours. You can use a power bank for fun outings and other activities.

Lightweight and portable

It can be carried with you to any outdoor activity. Its sturdy build quality ensures that it is protected from rain, sun and other harsh conditions. This smart device allows you to listen to music.

Why do I need TikiTunes

TikiTunes does more than just a Bluetooth speaker. It can be managed from any smartphone. It also has large buttons for easy use. The bright LED light and punchy sound quality create a pleasant environment for parties, outings and other outdoor activities.

The Bluetooth range of the speaker is 30 feet. You can also add additional Tikitunes speakers to cover a larger area. You can attach anything to the bottom hole of this speaker.

The TikiTunes speaker is recommended for these incredible features. You can check out the iPhone’s Bluetooth is not compatible with all devices. However, you can still enjoy unlimited music and other fun from iPhone.

It’s made with LED flame and other durable materials. It can play music in all weather conditions, including rain, cold, sunlight, and moisture.

The Bluetooth technology is advanced and provides 30 feet of coverage, long-lasting music play and an excellent Bluetooth sound quality. Pair it with another TikiTunes speaker to extend its range. Make your outings even more fun with the Bluetooth speaker

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