Freezing Problem With FUSION RA70 Marine Radio

Freezing Problem With FUSION RA70 Marine Radio
Fusion Marine RA70 Stereo by Marine Tech Miami is one of the most elegant and valuable marine stereos. Fusion Marine Audio Company has been providing top-quality marine audio products for more than a decade. 

The RA70 marine stereo was specifically designed to deliver high-quality watersport entertainment. It can replace any non-marinized stereos of the same size. The stereo can also be connected via Bluetooth and USB to your smart phone.

This Fusion Marine stereo is of the highest quality. You should use marinized audio products for marine activities or watersports.

Freezing Problem

The Fusion Marine stereo stereo is very high quality and advanced. However, there is one problem that every Fusion Marine stereo owner has to deal with.

After a certain time, the stereo stops working. The screen has frozen and all you can see is the Fusion logo. You cannot do anything, no matter which button you press.

This problem can occur for many reasons, and each customer may have a different reason. Customers who have experienced this problem recommend a variety of solutions.

Sometimes customers are not able to resolve the problem even after trying everything. This means the stereo’s lifespan has ended because of misuse or other causes for which the company cannot be held responsible.

This problem can be fixed by you if it occurs within the warranty period for your Fusion Marine stereo.

Possible Solutions

Customers who have experienced this issue recommend a variety of solutions. Although these solutions may not work for everyone, they can be tried if your Fusion marine stereo is freezing.

These solutions can help you solve your problem. These are the solutions:

Turning off the Power

You can turn off the power completely if you have this problem. You should also wait at least two minutes before you turn on the power again.

If it still doesn’t work, turn off the power. You can turn it back on the next day to check if it still works. Try the other options if that fails.

Reset the Stereo

You can also reset your Fusion Marine Stereo if the above solutions fail. Resetting your stereo can often fix the problem. Resetting your RA70 Fusion Marine stereo can be done by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Your Fusion marine stereo has been reset. This is the fastest, most effective solution to your problem. If you’re lucky enough it may work.

Look out for Fuses

Fuses are a critical safety component for electronic devices. When the nominal current is exceeded, they cut off power to the device.

All fuse connections in the Fusion Marine stereo should be checked. You can replace any fuses that have been damaged immediately to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting your Connections

If none of the above solutions work, you can try troubleshooting your Fusion marine stereo’s connections. Although this can be difficult for some, it is possible and worthwhile.

You will need a voltmeter to determine if the voltages being transmitted are correct. Start by measuring the voltages going into your Fusion Marine stereo.

The Fusion Marine stereo’s back will show you the voltage. This is where you need to measure the voltage. If your voltage reading is accurate, it means that your stereo is receiving power but is not functioning. If the above solution does not work, it is most likely that your stereo has stopped working.


The RA70 Fusion marine stereo works flawlessly and is a high-quality product. The only problem is that it has one major drawback.

After a while, it stops working and the screen with the Fusion logo freezes. This problem is not caused by a specific reason. There could be many causes.

Although multiple solutions may be possible to this problem, it is not certain that they will work. If none of the above solutions work, your Fusion marine stereo RA70 may be dead.

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