Deep Links: A Key Element to Successful Apps

Deep Links: A Key Element to Successful Apps
The average smartphone user spends six hours per day using their phone, and that number is rising. Optimizing the user experience is more important than ever in order to keep users on your app for longer times, allowing them to enjoy more and facilitating more sharing. 

App deep linking can dramatically increase user engagement. We need to be clear about what links are. Link is an address, name or reference to a file online. It is often called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). These links are basically digital addresses. Links can be used for many purposes.

They are useful for driving people to product pages, running Facebook sponsored ads, directing people from the internet to an app store, and communicating important offers and discounts in the app. 

A deep link is an unique URL that directs you to a particular location on a website or app. A mobile deep link, which is not the app’s homepage, allows users to access all information and send them directly to an app or specific location within an app. The following is how they interact:

  • App to App
  • Website to App
  • Send SMS to an App
  • Send an email to App
  • Advertisement for App
  • Search Lead to an App
  • App for Social Media

There are three main types of mobile deep linking.

Standard Deep Connecting

Your app URI directs clients to a specific part of your app. These functions are not available if the customer does not have the app installed on their program. They will display an error page to the customer if they don’t have the app installed.

Deep Connecting Deferred

If the app has been set up, deferred deep links will direct clients to that particular material. In the case of an app not being set up, immediate clients will be directed to the app store listing.

After clicking on a deep hyperlink, users are given a fingerprint that allows them to be identified and matched to the app page or experience they want to explore.

Contextual deep Connecting

These hyperlinks can be used to perform the same functions as the two types above, but they also provide better monitoring and better relevance for clients.

This is beneficial for both clients and developers as hyperlinks transfer data to apps during installation. This is not only better attribution but also allows for personalized onboarding. Hyperlinks also track information about the user such as who they are and where they were referred.

Deep links were initially slow to establish due to unclear benefits. It was only possible if the individual had the app setup. This item was not a concern for the roadmap.

Deep Links now offer many significant benefits for app marketers and developers. These links can help app marketers streamline their marketing strategies and increase conversions, engagement, retention.

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