A look at Bitcoin’s price history

A look at Bitcoin's price history

Bitcoin is very popular today, but it wasn’t always like that. Its history is complex, to put it mildly. Here you can find part of its journey. This virtual currency already has advanced tools such as Bitcoin Code-style trading bots that allow it to stay ahead of the rest.

First steps

2011 was the first year that Bitcoin experienced a significant price rise. The price per coin stood at $1 in April 2011. Its value had risen to $32 by June.

This huge increase was quickly followed by a decline in cryptocurrency markets. The coin’s value plummeted to $2 per unit in November. The bad luck continued for the next year with the price hovering around $4.80 in April and climbing to $13.20 August.

2013 was a year of great excitement. The price of a year started at $13.40. It rose to $220 by April. Prices fell to $70 mid-month, as predicted. However, optimism paid off as another bubble popped, taking the price of the property from $123.20 in Oct to $1,156.10 by December. The price dropped to $760 just three days later.

The price reached a low point of $315 in 2015. After a surprise rise, the price rose to $20,089 by December 2017.

This was the trend that brought Bitcoin to the forefront and prompted many analysts to make speculative predictions about wild price rises. This led to the creation of other cryptocurrencies. This was the beginning of the boom.

Bitcoin boom and pandemic times

Despite the possibility of another bubble, Bitcoin remained true to its indicators and moved sideways over the next two-years. This did not mean that there was no activity. The price of the house rose to $10,000 in June 2019 but dropped to $7,112.73 by December 2019.

COVID-19 was already spreading from one part of the globe to another and eventually became a pandemic. Many financial and economic markets experienced a decline as countries were forced to leave one after another.

It was also the year Bitcoin was born. It started the year at $7,000. By November, its price had risen to $19,000. Whether it was

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